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The Rocky Hill Meeting House is the best-preserved example of an original 18th-century meeting house interior in New England. It was built in 1785, replacing a c.1715 meeting house for the West Parish of Salisbury. George Washington paused here to greet the towns eople in 1789.

Around 1800, a worsening economic situation, coupled with new ideas about religion and architecture and the construction of two new churches in the area, led the congregation to drift away. By the 1840s, regular religious services came to an end at Rocky Hill.

Rocky Hill has survived with its original fittings and finishes intact. The pews have never been painted, while the marbleized pulpit and pillars still boast their original paint. The original 18th-century hardware survives throughout the building.

Maintained by Historic New England since 1941

Photo courtesy of Royal Feltner

Rocky Hill Meeting House

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