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Many of the Treasures have their own superb websites and this site will be used as a quick bounce to the treasures individual sites which will have more detailed information.

This site also serves as the website for some of the smaller Treasures.

When we are sent flyers from the Treasures we incorporate them in this Flyers section.

Most Treasures run their own publicity and calendars and you are best looking at the individual sites to get the details.  The calendar on this site is mainly to show the regular hours of the various sites.

Amesbury Treasures - Sites and (Organizations)

  1. Lowells Boat Shop & Museum
  2. Alliance Park (AIA)
  3. Mary Baker Eddy Historic House
  4. Bartlett Museum
  5. Macy Colby House
  6. Golgotha (AIA)
  7. Captains Well (AIA)
  8. Pattens Pond (AIA)
  9. Whittier Home
  10. Hat Museum
  11. Salisbury Point Station and Museum
  12. Carriage Museum
  13. The Powder House (AIA)
  14. Training Field (AIA)
  15. Rocky Hill Meeting House (HNE)
  16. Amesbury Library
  17. The Friends Meeting House

Sites designated AIA are managed by the Amesbury Improvement association

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Amesbury Treasures is a partnership
of seventeen unique historic sites managed by 10 organizations. Together, they cover four centuries of Amesbury's rich history.

Amesbury Treasures' goal is to provide the public with easy  access to the historic treasures.

See 2018: Amesbury’s 350th Birthday celebrations and Trolley Map and visit amesbury350.com

2021: Due to COVID-19 most indoor sites are not open to the public. Some have Zoom activities. Please check with the individual sites before visiting and about activities.